WEB ENTRY - Keio University, Graduate School of Health Management Doctoral Program, April 2020 Entry [Application Period Ⅱ]

1. Acceptance from research supervisor
Applicants must discuss their research plans in detail with a graduate school committee member of the program they wish to participate in, and obtain that committee member's preliminary consent to become the applicant's research supervisor.
For the online registration, applicants are required to input the date when the supervisor accepted them.
You can search for professors' research fields by looking at Faculty List. For their contact information, please inquire with the Administration Office by email.

2. After the completed Web Entry page appears, print the page and send it with your application documents.
3. Connection to a printer is required to complete the Web Entry.
4. This mark is required item.
5. If this mark is absent, please enter if applicable.

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School Information
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Please select "1" if your graduate school is a correspondence courses, otherwise "0".

Major(Degree) and Research supervisor

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English skills
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Japanese proficiency(For those who are not Japanese nationality)
Reading comprehension listening and listening-reading comprehension Score
Writing Score
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You must print and send the completed Web Entry page. Are you able to use a printer now?

Regarding personal information: Keio University respects privacy and personal data. The entered data will not be used for anything other than administrative purposes.